Fidget spinner watch – something you’ve never heard of!

Hey there fidget spinner lovers. We got some news for you. Guys from really nice town in Germany – Cologne (I know because I’ve been there few times:)) had come up with a pretty neat idea, of how to easily transport your fidget spinner and it is by transforming it into fidget spinner watch.

According to the campaign on Kickstarter, the Fidget Watch was designed to solve the “problem” of fidget spinner transportation. Thanks to God Almighty they tackled that one – now they can work on world peace and cure cancer. It’s $28  or $57 if you want a red one. So far, there are only ten souls in the world willing to buy one of these, which almost restores my faith in humanity.

Check out the Kickstarter pitch in the video below and see for yourself how the fidget spinner watch works.