Fidget spinner catches fire, users report

In Michigan and Alabama, two cases were reported, that fidget spinner catches fire. Fidget spinners were lately hit by enormous popularity. It’s not quite the usual fidget spinners – they include Bluetooth speakers and batteries.

One fidget spinner catches fire in Fenton City in May. As the TV channel, NBC said its owner, Michelle Carr reported that fidget spinner caught fire at a time when the battery was being charged. A woman believes that the charger for the fidget toy was intact, so it could not be the cause of the fire.

The second incident in Gardendale took place in June. Kimberly Allums told the WBRC channel that their fidget spinner caught fire while charging and burnt a hole in the carpet. She intended to contact the fidget toy manufacturers, but did not find any contact information on the box, just the inscription “Made in China”. So K. Allums informed the US Consumer Product Safety Commission about the incident. The Commission, in response to a call, issued a message stating that buyers should monitor their devices when they are charging. “Never recharge your equipment at night when sleeping. Always follow the instructions for user instructions and use original chargers, “- says the commission statement. Fidget spinner – this spring is an extremely popular toy that resembles a small propeller with blades. Its dealers assert that spinning helps to relieve stress, improves the concentration. At the beginning of May, various creatures occupied the first twenty positions on the list of the most popular online stores in the Amazon.

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